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About Us


Welcome Friend!

My name is Theresa Cross, and I am the author of "My Favorite Cookbook" and "My Favorite Cookbook, Too!". I am also the owner of The Enchanted Garden Cooking School in Corrales, New Mexico. My cooking classes are mostly made up of groups of friends or neighbors who are seeking a new and fun way to get together! Classes are small and personalized and take place in our beautiful (state-licensed) adobe hacienda in Corrales. See the photos on this web site!.

Because the classes are limited to eight people, everyone has an opportunity to learn techniques, cook, serve, and enjoy the fine food that they have prepared in a fun and charming atmosphere.

The classes have also been used by corporate clients, such as Intel, to enhance employees' teambuilding and leadership skills. My background as a Professor of Management and Marketing, allows us to combine the fun of cooking with a learning experience further enhancing workplace relationships and self-esteem.

I often serve as a demo chef for Calphalon, Cuisinart and other manufacturers and have conducted many cooking/baking demonstrations for such notable clients as Williams Sonoma, Barnes & Noble, American Home Furnishings and Bookworks. I was honored with a "Great Cook" award in 1999 by Sunset Magazine and was a finalist in Progresso's search for their next soup.

Both cookbooks have enjoyed much success in New Mexico as well as limited success in other states. People tell me that they enjoy the short history or story that precedes each recipe as well as the ease of preparation and locally available ingredients. The books can be ordered from this website, at most large bookstores, nationwide, and on shelves at many shops and bookstores in the Albuquerque metro area.

Thank you for your interest and may God bless you and yours! Teri

The Enchanted Garden
Corrales, New Mexico