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Great cooking begins with a passion for great food! My cookbooks are my "romance" novels for those who are passionate about the food they prepare and serve to those they love.

The meals are not complicated. Most are very simple, however, they are not ordinary or boring. Closely guarded recipes from my family and from other sources are being shared for the first time in generations.

The recipes are "Continental" in origin. I was born in Morocco of Italian parents. My mother was a French citizen and we were conveniently located just south of Spain. I will take you to the kitchens of those delightful peasants whose foods were rich with flavor and texture and whose histories helped to shape the delicious meals presented here. Having said this, let me add that the beauty of these recipes is that all the ingredients can be easily found in your local supermarket!  

Where did the cookbook titles come from? Well, I invited dozens of people to preview my first book before it went to print. Almost unanimously I received the response, "I love it! It's my favorite cookbook!". That was it...could I call it anything else but "My Favorite Cookbook"!? I named the second book "My Favorite Cookbook, Too!" because it received as grand a reception as the first. I know you'll agree! 

And...if you are visiting Corrales (or living nearby), THE ENCHANTED GARDEN COOKING SCHOOL welcomes you.  Why not treat yourself (and some friends!) to a FUN and EXCITING culinary experience.  Class sizes are limited to 8 people so YOU get the personalized attention you prefer at a cost you can easily afford. Learn preparation techniques and enjoy eating the delicious foods YOU create. Select from a wide variety of exciting menus and spend a morning or afternoon doing what YOU enjoy. Simply click on the email link, below, for more information. I look forward to meeting you and sharing a delightful experience together! Many blessings to you and yours...





Theresa Cross
The Enchanted Garden
Corrales, New Mexico USA


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